Forensic Interview

What is a Forensic Interview?

Forensic Interview services are provided to children who may have experienced abuse or who have witnessed a crime or other violent act. The primary aim of forensic services is to aid in ensuring the safety of the individual child as well as other children in the community. Forensic services are provided in a safe and child-friendly environment.

A forensic interview is a single session, recorded interview designed to get a child’s unique information when there are concerns of possible abuse or when the child has witnessed violence against another person. The forensic interview is conducted in a supportive and non- leading manner by a professional trained in the NCAC Forensic Interview model. Interviews are remotely observed by representatives of the agencies involved in the investigation (such as law enforcement and child protective services).

Setting Your Child Up for Success

  • Do not schedule the interview during the child's naptime or any other point in the day where you know your child will not be at his/her best.

  • Please remember to take all over- the-counter and prescription medications as usual the day of the interview.

  • Make sure your child is not hungry or thirsty prior to the interview. If your child is hungry or thirsty upon arrival, please let a staff member know so a snack can be provided. There is a water cooler in the waiting room.


  • Being on time is very important. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Often the CAC schedules interviews back-to- back. If you and your child are more than 15 minutes late, the interview may need to be rescheduled.

  • If possible, please bring another supportive adult with you to the interview. Before and after the interview, staff will need to speak with you. Having another supportive adult will help your child feel more comfortable when you step out of the waiting room to speak with staff.

  • Please have the child use the restroom upon arrival at the center so bathroom breaks do not interrupt the interview.

To report suspicions of child abuse or neglect, please click on the stop sign above OR call 1-877-237-0004

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